Novice Member
(showing first year as a 4H member)
8-13 as of Jan 1, 2024
Junior Member 9-11 as of Jan 1, 2024
Intermediate Member 12-13 as of Jan 1, 2024
Senior Member 14-18 as of Jan 1, 2024

No youth under age 8 (cloverbuds) may exhibit in a large animal  4H Youth livestock show. This includes  horses, dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep, steer, dogs, swine and goats.

Livestock classes in dairy cattle, beef cattle, working steer, sheep, swine, horses, poultry, dairy goats, rabbit, and dogs are open to Youth and 4H members approved by their county 4H Extension Educator or Program Coordinator.  If entries exceed space availability, entries are accepted on a first come basis.

All animals exhibited must be animals that are appropriately named on current, valid; 4H Intent to Show Form, All forms will be checked.  All exhibitors are responsible for presenting their own appropriate credentials, such as registration papers, intent to show, and lease records at the proper time for their show. Only original registration papers are accepted.  No “paper pending” entries will be allowed to show.  Registered animals must be in the name of the  Youth/4H club member (no farm names) with the exception of leased animals.  Bred and owned animals must be bred and owned by 4H Youth member (not farm).

4H Youth members must enter every class they intend to participate in, including Fitting and Showing and Herdsmanship/Shepard’s, (excluding poultry, rabbit, horse and dog).  4H Youth Exhibitors must choose either Open Herdsmanship/Shepard or 4H Herdsmanship/Shepard


Any animal that will be shown in a 4H Youth class must have been born by and listed on the 4-H Intent to Show Form, if a 4H member  by the specified date for that species.


Only one entry per lot, per breed will be allowed.  All animals used in group classes must have been shown in their respective age class. Animals shall be shown by the owner/lessor, unless otherwise approved by the Superintendent.

All animals or groups of animals shown must be owned or leased by the 4H Youth member.  All animals shall be cared for by the 4H Youth member while at the Fair with no adult assistance.

4H Youth members are solely responsible for showing and handling their animal (owned or leased) in the ring unless otherwise approved by the Superintendent.  If a 4H Youth member has more than one animal entered in a group class, they may ask another 4H Youth member to assist in holding animals in those classes.

It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to know what class they are supposed to be in and when that class will take place.  Exhibitors who miss their class will not be allowed to exhibit in a class designated for another group.  Exhibitors who miss their Fitting and Showing Class may exhibit in the rest of the show, but will not receive premiumsExhibitors missing a breed, market or performance class will not receive premiums in the class missed.

The size of the class will determine if splitting the class is necessary and will be done at the discretion of the Department Superintendent. Senior members showing for the first time must show in a Senior Fitting and Showing Class.

Members will receive ribbons as well as premium money.  Ribbons are awarded according to the Danish System.  Each exhibit is awarded a ribbon as it relates to a standard set by the judge.

Blue-Excellent / Red-Good / White-Worthy

CODE OF CONDUCT: 4H Youth members are the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian during the entire duration of the Fair.

Livestock exhibitors will be covered by an accident insurance policy while at the Fair under the 4H program.

Disciplinary action shall be taken at the discretion of 4H and Fair Management for misconduct.  A failure to comply with the New Hampshire 4H Code of Conduct shall result in the 4H member being expelled and premiums withheld.  4H members shall not use or possess alcoholic beverages, tobacco or controlled substances.

4H Youth members and parents or guardians shall conduct themselves appropriately, reflecting positively on the 4H program.

Youth shall represent 4H and their project to the general public in a positive way, helping to inform them about 4H and their project. No type of animal abuse will be tolerated.

Animals are shown at the risk of the 4H Youth owner or lessor.  Any damages to persons or property are the legal and financial responsibility of the 4H Youth member and their family who owns and leases the animal.

Direct criticism or interference with the Judge or Fair/Show Officials before, during, or after the competitive event is prohibited.  All Judges and Fair/Show Officials shall be treated with courtesy, cooperation and respect and no person shall direct abusive or threatening conduct toward them.

DRESS CODE: It is expected youth will be neat and clean and will wear appropriate attire at any time they are exhibiting in a show.  The 4H Youth attire of white shirt or blouse, solid color skirt or pants (tan or white preferred) and safe shoes are always acceptable.  NO BLUE JEANS may be worn. Corporate sponsorship or farm names are unacceptable at 4H Youth shows.

ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE TIMES: All animals (except horses and dogs), must be on the grounds by 2pm on Thursday and remain until released on Monday to receive premiums.

In the event of an emergency, special arrangements must be approved by the Department Superintendent, 4H and Fair Management, for early departure.

HERDSMANSHIP: In order to be eligible for Herdsmanship, animals must be penned all 4 days. 4H Youth animals may be asked to be housed separate from farm herds

SPECIAL NEEDS: If you will require accommodations to participate fully, please contact Agriculture Manager at the Hopkinton State Fair Office.