Thursday, 6:00 PM

Entries must be received by 4:00PM, August 29, 2024; No late entries will be accepted.


  1. Giant Pumpkin is defined as a pumpkin grown from an Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Seed.  The Hopkinton State Fair Superintendent of Giant Pumpkins or designee reserves the right to deny acceptance of pumpkins for prize money and recognition if the entry deadline date and time are not met.
  2. All prizes will be awarded as noted in this booklet and according to these rules.
  3. The Hopkinton State Fair Giant Pumpkin weigh-off is open to any New England Grower in one of two categories, adult (16 years of age or older) and youth (up to 15 years of age). Prize awards will be in accordance with ribbon placements as listed in this booklet for each category.
  4. The Hopkinton State Fair Giant Pumpkin weigh-off rules will be strictly enforced for weights, pumpkin soundness, certification of scales, and color.
  5. Weigh-off will consist of the following: grower representative, superintendent or designee, and two experienced growers.
  6. The Giant Pumpkin Superintendent will have complete knowledge of these rules and will implement them fairly. The Superintendent’s decision is final.
  7. Growers wishing to participate in the weigh-off will complete the entry form as presented on the day of the weigh-off by the official time noted in this booklet.
  8. The Hopkinton State Fair will ensure the scale has been calibrated by a recognized weights and measurement business or government agency prior to the weigh-off.
  9. The entry must be exhibited by the grower-growers team. In the case of an emergency where the grower cannot be present to exhibit the entry, the Superintendent, will make a determination regarding the validity of a grower’s absence.
  10. Grower is defined as a person or team who has grown and cared for the entry from planting to harvest.
  11. Team is defined as any two “Growers” who exhibit together.
  12. All specimens submitted for ribbon placement and prize money must be weighed on a certified scale with only the pumpkin and the lifting ring on the scale. (the ring will be pre-weighed and the scale adjusted to accommodate the weight of the ring).
  13. No foreign material (i.e.: fungicides, caulking, skin additives etcetera) will be permitted in the weighing of any pumpkin. Vines must be trimmed to within 2 inches of the stem of the pumpkin.  If the stem is not attached to the pumpkin upon arrival at the fairgrounds it will not be included in the weight of the pumpkin.  If after the superintendent or designee have seen the pumpkin arrive at the Fair prior to weigh off and the stem falls off during movement of the pumpkin it will be included in the weigh off.   The superintendent or designee has the right to inspect any and all pumpkins before weights and measurements become official. Refusal of any inspection to an entry will cause the entry to be classified exhibition only.
  14. Exhibition only pumpkins will not qualify for ribbon placement or prize money.
  15. Pumpkin must be orangeish, yellowish, tannish in color and may have some green but if all green, will be considered a squash and will not qualify for prize money or ribbon placement.
  16. Once the pumpkin has been approved for competition, placed on the scale and the official weight registered placing it within ribbon category, the pumpkin will qualify for prize money to be awarded.
  17. The Hopkinton State Fair will recognize one entry per grower or team for ribbon placement and prize money consideration.
  18. No grower shall be part of more than one team and only one prize shall be awarded per residence.  (Youth Division has no limit on entries per residence but only one entry per youth will be accepted).
  19. In the event of a tie of two or more places all, entries that are tied will have the prize money for the places that are tied added together, then split equally amongst the places that are involved.
  20. Should the pumpkin burst/leak/rot or otherwise require removal from the building, the grower will be notified and asked to remove or make arrangements to have the pumpkin removed promptly.
  21. The specimen must be sound, healthy, and undamaged. Entries must be free of rot, holes or cracks through to the cavity, and serious soft spots.
    1. The Superintendent reserves the right to examine the pumpkin for defects. The grower must be present for examination.
    2. A soft spot will be dug into to deter-mine if the pumpkin is eligible for the weigh-off
    3. Pumpkin inspection will be completed before a pumpkin is officially weighed.
  22. Pumpkins need to be brought to the Grange/Community Building by 4:00 PM, Thursday, August 29, 2024. Weigh-Off begins at 6:00 PM.
  23. All Pumpkins are required to stay on exhibit throughout the duration of the Hopkinton State Fair (unless removal was previously required according to rule #20)
  24. Pumpkins may be picked up on Monday beginning at 5:00 PM. This will be strictly enforced. Thank you for your cooperation.




ADULTS $900 $600 $300 $100 $75
YOUTH $50 $35 $25 $10 ***