Proper footwear is required

NO PETS ARE ALLOWED ON THE FAIRGROUNDS: Police officers and staff personnel will be enforcing this policy.

BULLS: No bull over one year will be allowed on the grounds without a ring in his nose.

CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION: All persons exhibiting purebred stock shall be able to present a certificate of registration. No “paperspending” entries will be accepted. All registered animals must be shown in purebred lots.

It is Mandatory all stall /pen space that houses exhibitor animals (Open and 4-H Youth) must be cleaned out prior to departure on Monday. All bedding must be raked out, swept out and clean designated areas will be assigned for each species.

ENTRIES: For the purpose of entering livestock in the Hopkinton State Fair, an exhibitor is the person who can show ownership of the animal by Certificate of Registration in their name or that of a partnership of which they are a member. The only exception to this rule is leased animals. In group classes, partnership animals may be entered and exhibited under the name of the co-owners, but must be shown in all group classes under the same name. All animals must be owned and transferred to the exhibitor not less than 30 days prior to show date. Any animal shown in a group lot must be first entered and shown in its respective single lot.

All exhibits will be under the direction of the Management of the Hopkinton State Fair. The Rules and Regulations contained in this Exhibitor Handbook are the conditions under which entries are accepted for competition. If you have a question concerning the interpretation of any rule contained herein, contact the Superintendent of your department in writing. Requests for exception to any rule must be made at the time of entry. Entries for all departments shall be submitted by the posted deadline.

Please examine the list and regulations carefully. Find what we offer premiums for, and under what conditions; then see what your exhibits conform to on the list.

Non-livestock articles entered for judging may not have been previously entered and judged at this Fair.

Animal Arrival Times

Wednesday, August 28, 2024 5:00 PM – 9:00PM
Thursday, August 29, 2024 7:00 AM – 12:00 Noon

All livestock must enter the Fairgrounds through the agricultural gate. All Superintendent must be present to inspect all animals prior to unloading. All animals prior to inspection must have blankets removed. Please arrange your schedule accordingly.

If an emergency arises, please call the Agricultural Office at (603) 865-1698. All animals showing symptoms of communicable disease must be removed from the Fairgrounds immediately. The decision of the Fair Veterinarian is final.

All animals (except horses and dogs) must be on the grounds during the entire fair.

The individual exhibitor will be solely responsible for any damage, loss or injury done by or as a result of any animal exhibited by him or her and shall indemnify the Hopkinton State Fair against legal or other proceedings in regard thereto. Upon acceptance of this condition only are entries accepted.

The Hopkinton State Fair will employ Police Officers on the grounds at night, but the Hopkinton State Fair will assume no responsibility for any loss or damage from any cause that may occur to any animal or article on exhibition, and upon this condition only are entries accepted.

EXHIBITS: For non-livestock entries, an entry card will be used for each exhibit and must be attached to the exhibit.

All exhibits, even in the absence of competitors, must possess enough show merit to meet the approval of the judge to qualify for premium. In each class where there is no competition, one award will be made according to merit.

PREMIUMS: Failure to abide by any of these rules may cause forfeiture of premiums and any other actions that management may deem appropriate.

We require a tax form 1099 for exhibitors earning more then $599. No premiums will be released if the form is not on file.

The Hopkinton State Fair reserves the right to prorate premiums if necessary. The Fair will pay Premiums earned by CHECK. Premiums will be mailed out within 30 days after the close of the Fair.

REGULATIONS: Special department regulations may apply as specified at the beginning of each department.

RELEASE: Livestock Superintendents will inform their Exhibitors of their release time. Your cooperation will be appreciated.

SUBSTITUTES: Substitutions are allowed within the same species, but may not exceed the original number of livestock entered. Substantiating documentation from a qualified veterinarian is required to substitute an animal due to illness or death. Notify your Department Superintendent of any substitutions upon your arrival to the Fair.